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Sing Differently is an innovative 21st century approach to the art of singing.  It restores the fundamental qualities that make an artist fascinating – unique vocal timbre and authentic expression.

Michele piano newThe unique timbre of each of our voices generates an infinite range of expression, naturally infusing what we have to say with emotional immediacy.  Yet somehow, the ability to convey this same range of expression, the natural birthright of everyday speech, can be extremely challenging for a singer.

With cutting edge techniques from the fields of neuroplasticity and cognitive science, singer and voice educator Michele Troise guides singers into using their own neuroplastic capacities to realize the vast palette of emotion possible through the speaking voice during the act of singing: a neural reorganization that progressively reveals each singer’s potential to develop as a unique and compelling vocal artist.

Whether you’re an emerging or experienced artist, Sing Differently yields immediate results:

“Even after thirty years on the professional stage, my work with Michele has been a revelation!  I am amazed at the results, and her ability to communicate and demonstrate make the learning experience very fast and exciting.  One can feel right away that this approach is something new that really works.  It opens up not only greater vocal freedom, but also an expression that is absolutely immediate and real, a very gratifying artistic experience.”

Eric Halfvarson, Bass (Metropolitan Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, Bayreuth, Los Angeles Opera, Covent Garden, etc.)

Sing Differently also offers insight from a cognitive science point of view that can assist conductors, coaches, voice teachers and other professionals in the field to draw the very best from the artists they work with.

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