” Even after thirty years on the professional stage, my work with Michele has been a revelation!  I am amazed at the results, and her ability to communicate and demonstrate make the learning experience very fast and exciting.  One can feel right away that this approach is something new that really works.  It opens up not only greater vocal freedom, but also an expression that is absolutely immediate and real, a very gratifying artistic experience. “

 Eric HalfvarsonBass – Metropolitan Opera, Bayreuth, Wienerstaatsoper, Covent Garden, Los Angeles Opera, San Francisco Opera, etc.


Geraldine Toutain” As artistic director of the Center of Vocal Studies at Liaisons Arts Bourgogne, I admire the quality of the work that Michele Troise has done with our singers over the past three years. There is something very particular and very fascinating in the results that she obtains from singers, regardless of the style of music they chose to sing.  For me, the operative word would be “presence”. The “presence” of each singer’s vocal timbre, which progressively blooms into all of it’s true individuality; the “presence” that is circulating in the singers physical bodies, which they learn to employ on stage to communicate with the audience in complete sincerity.

Many thanks to Michele for sharing this irreplaceable approach with so many singers from the region of Burgundy! “

— Géraldine Toutain, Director of the Center of Vocal Studies – Liaisons Arts Bourgogne


” The crux of Michele’s approach, as I see it, is a strong emphasis on natural speech function and expressive intent as the foundation of singing.  In Michele’s view, expression is not something a singer accesses after acquiring an abstract vocal technique – it is part and parcel of that technique.  While this is scarcely a new idea, the detail and logic with which she applies it are unique in my experience. She is acutely, but patiently attuned to any aspect of a singer’s performance – physical or conceptual – that seems stock or grafted on. “

 Richard Poppino, Director of Vocal Studies – Oregon State University


” The fact that Michele keeps coming back to one of the things that defines us the most as a person, the thing that we can recognize immediately even over a phone line with a bad connection — our speaking voice — insures that our singing, if we follow where she’s trying to take us, will be personal as well. And that’s a real joy — studying with Michele feels less like studying some foreign discipline, and more like discovering yourself. I’ve found working with her rewarding even outside of singing: what she has to say about emotional expression, and her deep concern about text, has expanded my thinking about art in general, and has certainly made me grow as a musician and pianist. “

 Dan TepferPianist – Goldberg Variations / Variations, Sunnyside Records SSC 1284


” Michele helps take away what shouldn’t be there and reveals the essence of the performer.  It’s very exciting to watch, because it’s so engaging to see people literally transformed before your eyes. And the more innately gifted the singer, the more striking the change. “

— Gina Doubleday, Editor-in chief – Elle Interactive Network, Paris


” Michele has developed an original approach to teaching voice and interpretation, and I have witnessed the excellent results it has on her students.  I am convinced that her work can be of real benefit for all types of singers, no matter what kind of training they have had initially. “

 Michel JonaszFrench Singer-Songwriter – MJM, EMI, etc.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA” The OSU faculty and myself have both seen quite a change in my voice since your master class.  Your concept of singing with the voice that I have and truly connecting to the music has brought full circle my four years of study at OSU.  You reminded me of the presence and connection to the music that I have when I sing Musical Theater.  Why should it be any different in classical literature?  Thank you for helping me reconnect vocally and emotionally to the music I am singing. “

 Monica RodriguezSoprano – Oregon State University