Classes for the Speaking Voice


Your voice is yours alone.

Each human voice is as unique as a fingerprint, and it is your innate vocal timbre that fundamentally distinguishes your voice from all others. Whether you are an opera singer or a public speaker, your voice is your sonic signature in the world. Every voice is memorable-and the best are unforgettable. The voices that we associate with great singers and speakers of the past resonate within our memories forever.

The legendary psychiatrist Dr Milton Erickson would often say to his patients: “And when you leave, my voice will go with you.”

Singing voice or speaking voice – it’s your voice that’s going to go with them.

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” I have been a trainer and public speaker for many years. Working with Michele has opened up a whole new “sound-scape” for me.  I find that I listen differently now too.  Pitching the voice is like throwing a ball or making a sales pitch.  It’s all about offering an opportunity to respond to an experience right now.  Here’s what I got from the workshop : how to speak easily.  Speak with ease so the stress on the voice is minimized; speak with ease so that the message you want to convey is maximized; speak with ease so that the listener can appreciate the form, the content and the “packaging”;  the voice becomes easy on the ear, creating easy listening.  I highly recommend Michele’s work for anyone interested in making speaking enjoyable, be it in public or in the private domain. ”

Jane Turner, psychologist, therapist, coach, trainer